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Develop New Real Estate Agent Relationships

Connect with up to 5 agents each week. Nominate their listing to be featured in a Top 5 List. No sales pitch necessary. No cold calling. Just a value add, feel good beginning to a new relationship.

In today’s market, agent relationships are the pathway to success.  One new relationship could mean thousands of dollars in business every year.  There are approx. 200 opportunities a year to nominate an agent's listings, opening the door for them to become your next referral partner.  If you captured just 5% of those opportunities the result would be 10 new Agent referral partners.

Strengthen Existing Real Estate Agent Relationships

Looking to reconnect with a referral partner gone cold?  Need an excuse to stay top of mind with your top referral partners? No better way than to nominate their listing to be featured on a Top 5 List.

Only One Exclusive Lender Sponsor Per Market

Does it seem that every mortgage company touts the same marketing tools and gimmicks to entice their agent partners.  Co-marketed flyers, post cards, property sites, and dare we mention Zi*#ow co-marketing?

When you sponsor a Top 5 site you are the only lender sponsor in your market.  There can only be one lender sponsor per site.  When agents proudly share the lists on Facebook for all of their other agent friends to see, and when Real Estate Companies share Top 5 posts congratulating their agents for being featured, you will be the only lender they see.

Relevant Social Media Content For Yourself And Your Partners

A common challenge for Real Estate Agents is finding relevant and effective content to share on social media.
Top 5 promotes the beauty and lifestyle enhancing qualities of real estate that is unique to the local market. That's highly compelling content for loan officers to share on a weekly basis. Share the list; and use that post to publicly congratulate all agents featured.

Positive & Targeted Brand Exposure

Looking to enhance a positive company brand that Real Estate Agents will remember?

Sponsoring Top 5 ensures that your professional brand signature will be featured prominently on the Top 5 website and all published lists.  It is also tagged in all social media posts.

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